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  • Porsha Carrera – Video

    Porsha Carrera – Video

    Ebony Teen Porsha Carrera Bangs   Porsha Carrera, Ebony, Big Ass, Reality Porn, Hardcore, blowjob, Handjob, Anal, Ass, Pornstar, black, sex, fuck, blowjob, oral, pussy, masturbation   I Am Not A Lesbian byBrandie69© As I said most emphatically in another chapter of my life that I have laid bare…
  • Rachel Star – Video

    Rachel Star – Video

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  • Molly Bennett Video

    Molly Bennett Video

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    Whitney Has Hardcore Sex In The Office  
  • Sean, Sue and Mary Story by:thespanker

    Sean, Sue and Mary Story by:thespanker

    As I was driving to my college roommate’s apartment in Hartford, I wondered about her new love, who had moved in quite recently, but whom she seemed very enthusiastic about. I needed some good news, as I was still very depressed about my recent divorce, and didn’t feel very…
  • Cousins – Story

    Cousins – Story

    Justin slept very lightly. He’d been woken by things quieter than pin droppings, so the phone ringing was no exception. Before he answered, he glanced at the clock. “Shit,” he muttered, realizing it was eight in the evening. He worked 3rd shift, so he started a eleven. The daily…
  • Finally – Story

    Finally – Story

    Finally by:deedee blanks It was late, I was getting sleepy. My drumline (I’m the drum captain) was over at our instructor, Josh’s house. He had invited us over that night to watch DCI videos with him. I looked over to the blond guy sitting on the couch to my right.…
  • What a Boy Wants Story

    What a Boy Wants Story

    Bastion Levoux opened one eye very slowly, it felt like someone had gone over the thin membrane that protected the orb with rough sandpaper. He struggled but finally the other eye came open to stare bleakly around the cluttered mess that was him haven. There were books piled high…
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    Candy Afternoon byjill_gates_writer© “Ding,” the doorbell rang, and Miranda stopped breathing for a moment. “Ding, ding,” the doorbell rang, and she grabbed her glass, knocking it back before realizing it was empty. She grabbed the bottle, and it was empty, too. Getting up from the table, she swayed slightly…